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The trains are whistling through the combat zone
For old Milwaukee, blind men stumble on stones
Lost in the city's love that's never known
But still has grown and grown

And crawling from the caverns of her mind
Sweet Gina smiles like a steam dream in overdrive
For the mood master, the sitting duck
Taking roots to give his wings time to grow

But ringmaker, let me love you
My dream takers, I still love you

And Catherine of Arrogance gives you the key
Sayin' "Meet me at midnight on the corner of McGee"
Giggles in turnstyles with innocent smiles
Sayin' "Momma's having an affair with a priest"

So the least you can do is turn black and blue
Then come down to little Esther's for some angel stew
There's little black sheep baby boys and girls
Leave the Lord's reward on the drawing board


So we sat up all night drinking cheap red wine
Talkin about Charleston and the CIA
And star witnesses for the prosecution
And the confused and watchful novocaine solution

Mutually serving each other doubts and digressions
Heavies building armaments woven in words
Till the morning came patiently, slowly as a virgin
Trampled by madmen racing about


And side by side in the cement and salt
Poets and peasants leave footprints at starting blocks
Some frowning judgments on the sick and insane
Relaxed as icebergs and praying for rain

While others stare from sockets of fire
Or skate in bubbles still higher and higher
From dizzy cubicles with two left hands
Hermits open all night making plans


Balanced in constant confusion and smoke
The Queen City's high heeled liberation spoke
To the steamy jungle village and kid he shuffles
Rolling with the punches and going with the hunches

And breaking backs in between snacks
Like pigeons on my roof the darkness attacks
In barrels and blues and cemented sacks
Billy clubs, handcuffs, blue lights in packs



from Bruce Piephoff & Scott Sawyer Live at the dotmatrix project, released August 24, 2010
Written by Bruce Piephoff




Bruce Piephoff & Scott Sawyer Greensboro, North Carolina

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